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zkSync Era a blockchain (L2) that scales Ethereum using zero-knowledge technology. zkSync Era batches users’ transactions and submits them to Ethereum, paying a share of the transaction fees to Ethereum validators. You can access the data across all our products: Terminal (Pro), Terminal API, and Data Room.

Blast – a Paradigm backed yield aggregator with plans to become an Ethereum L2.

Camelot – a non-custodial exchange protocol built on Arbitrum.

Pyth – a decentralized oracle network, that recently launched the $PYTH token. You can now follow the price and developer activity on Token Terminal!

Lybra Finance – a stablecoin protocol built on Ethereum.

Terminal Pro

Data-driven insights from analysts using Token Terminal Pro

Excerpt from “Crypto's evolution: beyond speculation and towards fundamentals”, authored by Michael Nadeau from The DeFi Report:

“We said it once and we’ll say it again: crypto has fundamentals & top-notch data providers. This has set the stage for large TradFi players to leverage onchain data informing new indices. And once we get new regulations, we believe onchain data will catalyze a new era in financial innovation…

…After all, the granularity of data we can observe on crypto networks is unprecedented in finance. To further our point, below are Uniswap’s retention rates for monthly active users:”

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Terminal API

We added three new endpoints to the Terminal API this week. You can now retrieve the following datasets through the Terminal API:

  • Crypto screener: All metrics for all the projects currently live on Token Terminal.
  • Insider transactions: Top 1,000 token transfers & DEX trades (based on $ value) for the top 100 tokenholders (based on $ balance) during the past 7 days.
  • Cohort analysis: Number of first time users for each month, and the retention rate for all projects with active user data on Token Terminal.

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Data Room

Handpicked insights from the Token Terminal Data Room

Comparison between unique swap transaction senders and unique swap function caller counts for Uniswap (v2/v3). Transaction senders are a proxy for traders and swap callers represent addresses that interact directly with the smart contracts.

While both numbers are trending up, the transaction sender count is a magnitude higher compared to function callers. This means that only a few users interact with the pool/pair smart contracts directly. The trades often go through aggregator or router contracts.

So what
This trend highlights the user-friendly nature of aggregators and swap routers. They simplify the trading process and offer more accessible interfaces, successfully catering to a broader range of users who may not feel comfortable interacting directly with pool/pair smart contracts. These intermediaries not only make trading more accessible, but they also tend to optimize transactions for lower fees.

Raw and decoded onchain data from 14 chains, accessible via Google BigQuery. Explore our Data Room offering:


New metrics

  • Trade count: shows the amount of distinct trades made on an exchange.
  • Tradeable pairs: Shows the number of unique trading pairs deployed by the exchange’s users.
  • Tradeable assets: Shows the number of unique tokens available for trading in the exchange’s trading pairs.
  • Liquidity turnover: Calculated by dividing the trading volume of a DEX with its total value locked (liquidity).

Smart contract labels

Labels make it easier for analysts to understand which market sectors, projects, and contracts drive usage on a blockchain.

Explore trending contracts:


Fundamentals podcast

Demystifying web3 gaming with Shima Capital – trends, challenges, opportunities | Fundamentals ep.80

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MarketVector Indexes™ launches innovative Token Terminal Fundamental Index suite

Crypto's evolution: beyond speculation and towards fundamentals

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