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This article provides an introduction to Yearn Vaults V3 as explained by core contributor, corn. He walks us through Yearn's go-to-market strategy with Vaults V3 and how they decided to go with Polygon PoS, the key differences between V2 and V3 Vaults, the purpose of Vaults V3, fees, and the first ever Yearn hackathon!

Yearn Vaults V3

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For those new to my work, my name is corn, and since November 2021, I have been a proud contributor to Yearn, focusing on partnerships and ecosystem integrations. My journey began in the tech field, building networks and data centers for hospitals for a decade. Now, fully immersed in the crypto world, I stand by the significance of building a future of permissionless finance. Should you have any questions after this discussion, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter at @omgcorn.

Launching on Polygon PoS

When thinking of how to go to market with Yearn Vaults v3, we sought a low-cost ecosystem closely mirroring Ethereum mainnet with substantial Total Value Locked (TVL) – essential for validating viable strategies. This led us to choose Polygon PoS, an ecosystem that checks all our boxes.

Polygon PoS stands out as a scalable solution offering the security and familiarity of Ethereum without its hefty costs.

The key differences between V2 and V3 Vaults

Currently, we're running a Vaults v3 Polygon hackathon, which I will delve into shortly. But before that, let me shed some light on the transformation from Yearn Vaults v2 to v3. The leap from v2, launched two years ago, to v3 is substantial. The initial vision for v2 was to democratize strategy writing within the protocol, allowing individuals to craft strategies and earn fees. However, the complexity of v2 led to an influx of low-quality strategies that posed significant risks. This called for a strategic pivot, and we took the reins on strategy creation to ensure security and quality.

Now, with Vaults v3, we're revisiting our roots with a protocol-first approach. We've made it fee-free by default, with an 80% earnings model for those who opt to charge, simplifying complexities and infusing new features for ease of use and security. Our commitment is unwavering: whether you intend to charge fees or not, we are here to assist you every step of the way with Vaults v3.

The first ever Yearn hackathon!

The hackathon, which kicked off this past Tuesday, December 5th, is in full swing, with 10,000 MATIC tokens up for grabs and ample time until December 19th to join and contribute. Hackathons catalyze innovation, providing a dedicated timeframe to tackle new technologies with a deadline to drive results. We offer extensive support through office hours with our v3 team, ensuring all questions find answers and all strategies gain exposure to our safety reviews.

Looking ahead, stay tuned for the second phase of our hackathon, featuring perpetual bounty rewards and safety reviews by Yearn developers, enhancing and validating your strategies. This is your opportunity to have your work stand alongside Yearn's robust offerings.


In summary, Vaults v3 is a game-changer, empowering creators and partners with state-of-the-art vault technology. It's a sandbox for innovation, a place where any strategy can take shape, and any source of yield can be harnessed. We're turning over every stone to support your journey in creating or adopting vault technology.

Thank you for reading this update, and keep an eye out for more updates on Yearn and Vaults v3 on Token Terminal.

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