Introducing market sector dashboards

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Gm to all the crypto fundamentals enjoyoors!

In our latest product update we’ve sought to bring even more structure to the Token Terminal web application. You can now screen for interesting data based on…

  1. Metrics: metric-specific dashboards including all projects.
  2. Market sectors: project-specific metrics, but for a specific category of projects.
  3. Projects: project-specific market, usage, financial, valuation, and developer data available in both aggregate and composition format.
  4. Trending contracts: gas consumption and usage patterns for individual contracts.
  5. Financial statements: project-specific metrics formatted in a TradFi-friendly format.
  6. API: programmatic access to all data available on the TT web application.

Different ways to interact with on-chain data on Token Terminal


This post provides an overview about the different Market sectors currently available on Token Terminal, let’s dive in!

Blockchains L1

This category includes layer 1 blockchains.


Blockchains L2

This category includes layer 2 blockchains or rollups.



This category includes cross-chain bridges.


Exchanges (DEX)

This category includes decentralized exchanges and DEX aggregators.



This category includes decentralized derivatives exchanges.



This category includes lending protocols.


Stablecoin issuers

This category includes stablecoin issuer DAOs.


Liquid staking

This category includes liquid staking protocols.


Asset management

This category includes asset management protocols.



This category includes web3 infrastructure and social projects.


MEV marketplaces

This category includes MEV marketplaces.


NFT marketplaces

This category includes NFT marketplaces.



This category includes gaming projects.



We're really excited about this feature & happy to hear what you think!

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