Blockchains (L1)

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Total market cap (circulating) (latest)


Bitcoin dominance 66.5%

Total fees (24h)


Ethereum dominance 51.5%

Total revenue (24h)


Ethereum dominance 74.4%

Total active users (daily) (latest)


Tron dominance 35.3%

Total core developers (latest)


Cosmos Hub dominance 10.7%


What is Blockchains (L1)

Blockchains (L1) are smart contract execution environments that allow for the permissionless creation of smart contract-based businesses or DAOs.

How do Blockchains (L1) work

Blockchains (L1) bring down the cost of incorporation to one function call. Once a DAO is deployed on a blockchain, it inherits the advantageous features of blockchains: access to global capital markets, global participation from contributors and customers, transparent and highly automated rules of operation, and an immutable audit trail.

Top   projects in Blockchains (L1) based on daily fees in the past 180 days.


Competitive landscape

Daily market cap (circulating) for in the past 180 days.

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