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Total market cap (circulating) (latest)


Chainlink dominance 62.6%

Total fees (24h)

$1.32m+4.1% dominance 89.2%

Total revenue (24h)

$644.92k+6.6% dominance 91.4%

Total active users (daily) (latest)

21.29k-4.1% dominance 69.5%

Total core developers (latest)


Chainlink dominance 28.2%


What is Infrastructure

Infrastructure protocols are smart contract-based protocols that provide support functionality for e.g. DeFi protocols and DAOs in general. Some examples are oracles and domain name registries.

How do Infrastructure work

Oracles provide access to critical data or information outside of the blockchain ecosystem. Onchain domain name registries improve the UX of finding, identifying and utilizing a wallet address of an entity.

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Competitive landscape

Daily market cap (circulating) for in the past 180 days.

Data table

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