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Total market cap (circulating) (latest)


Stargate dominance 60.9%

Total transfer volume (24h)


Stargate dominance 52.6%

Total fees (24h)


Stargate dominance 63.9%

Total revenue (24h)


Stargate dominance 79.2%

Total active users (daily) (latest)


Stargate dominance 70.5%

Total core developers (latest)


Connext dominance 36.1%


What is Bridges

Bridges establish connections between blockchains. Each blockchain has a unique set of ground rules and parameters, and most do not have an in-built system to communicate with other blockchains. As a result, bridges were developed to allow blockchains to communicate with each other, enabling key functionalities such as cross-chain asset transfers.

How do Bridges work

A cross-chain transfer can be executed in multiple different ways, usually by unlocking liquidity from liquidity pools or minting equivalent synthetic representations on the destination chain. The primary business model for bridges is to generate revenue by taking a cut of the transfer fees paid by users. That is, the bridge takes a portion of the relayers’ and/or liquidity providers’ revenue.

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Competitive landscape

Daily market cap (circulating) for in the past 180 days.

Data table

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