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Introducing the Trending contracts dashboard

What is the Trending contracts dashboard?

The Trending contracts dashboard is a blockchain and rollup explorer that makes it easy to analyze the activity in each network. To date, most of the block explorers in the market have been built for developers, not for investors or business people. Our tool, the Trending contracts dashboard, fixes this.

Why is it valuable for growth teams?

Both blockchains and rollups compete globally, and the winning teams are likely to be those that allocate their capital and resources better than the others. Today, many DAOs run multimillion dollar grants programs, but often lack comprehensive data analytics to drive the decision-making process. If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

What can business development teams do with it?

With the Trending contracts dashboard, protocol growth teams are able to easily analyze which market sectors, projects, and contracts drive usage on their and competitor’s networks. By contrasting the realized onchain activity with the business goals that have been set, the teams are better positioned to incentivize desired user behaviours. For example, for early Ethereum, the lack of L2s and DEXs resulted in grants to both StarkWare and Uniswap.

Ethereum Foundation's most impactful ‘growth’ grant to date: Uniswap

“Understand the activity on your network, execute on the right things, and deliver results for the protocol or DAO.”

Revisiting the history of Uniswap, it’s powerful to see the impact that early supporters can have, both on the application, but especially on its underlying network.

From the Uniswap blog: “However an attendee of Karl’s Devcon talk — Pascal Van Hecke — reached out to me. He had been closely following the progress of automated market makers on Ethereum and expressed interest in supporting my efforts. He even gave a grant to fund my next month of research. We began weekly calls to discuss progress.”

Assessing the results of Ethereum Foundation’s ‘growth’ grant in Uniswap

A breakdown of Ethereum activity by market sector:

Gas used (30d): Exchanges (DEX) $22.77m, Blockchains (L2) $11.09m, MEV $7.57m

Transactions (30d): Exchanges (DEX) 5.45m, Stablecoin issuers 3.46m, Exchanges (CEX) 1.60m

Active users (30d): Exchanges (CEX) 1.27m, Exchanges (DEX) 1.20m, Stablecoin issuers 1.10m

A breakdown of Ethereum activity by projects:

Gas used (30d): Uniswap $18.38m, MEV Bots $7.55m, Banana Gun $3.63m

Transactions (30d): Uniswap 3.67m, Tether 2.72m, Binance 1.11m

Active users (30d): Binance 996.64k, Tether 808.93k, Uniswap 396.27k

A breakdown of Ethereum activity by contracts:

Gas used (30d): Uniswap: V2 Router $10.60m, Uniswap: V3 Universal Router $6.94m, Banana Gun Router $3.52m

Transactions (30d): Tether: USDT 2.72m, Uniswap: V3 Universal Router 2.02m, Uniswap: V2 Router 1.47m

Active users (30d): Binance Wallet 14 990.68k, Tether: USDT 808.93k, zkSync Era: Diamond Proxy 304.13k

By looking at the data, it’s difficult to find an application that would have had a bigger impact on Ethereum than Uniswap.

If you’re working on growth-related initiatives in crypto, we’d love to hear from you!

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