The state of zkSync: scaling, security, UX, traction, challenges, financials | Fundamentals ep.75

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In this episode of the Fundamentals podcast, we’re joined by Alex, the Co-Founder and CEO of Matter Labs – the engineering team behind zkSync – a Layer-2 blockchain protocol that scales Ethereum with zero knowledge technology.

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We discuss what zkSync’s core value proposition is, and why zero-knowledge proofs are the most viable technology to enable the mainstream adoption of public blockchains.

We speak about Hyperchains, and what the zkSync ecosystem will evolve into on a long-term horizon. Alex walks us through the current painpoints with crypto’s UX, and how zkSync is tackling these problems.

We dive into zkSync Era’s economic model, the venture case for a blockchain protocol, and walk through the best metrics to measure the performance of a blockchain.

Finally, we wrap up with the current challenges related to zkSync’s growth, and what the most exciting things happening within the zkSync ecosystem are. Tune in for a great discussion about zkSync, and scaling Ethereum’s technology and values.

00:00 Introduction
01:25 zkSync's core value proposition
02:18 Why are ZK proofs the most viable technology to enable the mainstream adoption of public blockchains?
What sets zkSync apart from other blockchains tackling similar problems?
14:12 ZK Stack: a modular framework for building sovereign ZK-powered Hyperchains
How is zkSync solving crypto's UX pain points?
Has native account abstraction been a growth driver?
What is the importance of EVM compatibility?
What is zkSync's position and role in a crypto native future?
29:14 Core contributors to the development of zkSync
30:17 zkSync Era's economic model
31:02 Value accrual within the zkSync ecosystem
31:28 How does zkSync benefit economically from Hyperchains?
32:33 What metrics and KPIs are best suited to measure/value a blockchain
34:01 The venture case for zkSync & how it differs from a traditional software business
36:49 Current growth challenges
38:15 Most exciting developments within the zkSync ecosystem

Matter Labs:
zkSync on X (Twitter):

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