Tezos – Tech, traction, challenges, vision, XTZ, and more with Co-Founder Arthur Breitman | Fundamentals ep.85

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In today’s episode, we’re joined by Arthur Breitman, the Co-Founder of Tezos, a layer 1 blockchain.

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We focus on what sets Tezos apart from other blockchains on the market, and how they stack up in terms of performance, network activity, economics, and more. We speak about the network's current use cases, and vision for the future.

Arthur walks us through the current challenges faced, current focus areas, the state of the blockchain market today, and his vision for Tezos' future.

00:00 Introduction
The core problem that Tezos set out to solve
01:48 What are Tezos’s unique advantages that make it a compelling choice for developers?
03:25 The technical innovations that enable Tezos to reach 1 million TPS
05:19 Current technical bottlenecks – building a Data Availability Layer (DAL) for Tezos
07:00 Difference between Celestia DA and Tezos DAL
10:03 How the DAL affects user experience
Tezos' core strengths in the blockchain market
13:14 The main challenges facing Tezos today
15:30 What could be the catalyst for increased traction on Tezos?
19:00 The top dApps on Tezos today
Tradeoffs in blockchain design
24:07 What tools are available to analyze activity on Tezos?
What metrics and KPIs are guiding business development decisions at Tezos?
27:21 Tezos' economic model
30:25 Ensuring long-term sustainability
33:30 Quantifying the effectiveness of a store of value asset
36:30 The daily active users (DAU) metric
39:30 Growth plan: Focus areas going forward
Technological superiority: Why is it necessary?
44:22 What does success for Tezos look like?



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Tezos on X:

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