Re7 Capital: investing in DeFi, yield, liquid venture, risk management, data, valuation | Fundamentals ep.79

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In today's episode, we’re joined by Evgeny Gokhberg – the founder of Re7 Capital – a fund that specializes in DeFi R&D and liquid crypto investment strategies.

We delve into the vast arena of DeFi, exploring everything from generating yield to managing risks. We discuss the intrinsic value of crypto, how investors should approach valuing multidimensional cryptoassets, and what Re7’s edge is in the space.

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Tune in as we dive deep into exciting trends, case examples from Re7s portfolio, the best KPIs to look at when assessing an investment opportunity, the challenges we face as an industry, the critical need for onchain data analytics, and Re7's framework for managing risks within DeFi.

00:00 Introduction
01:22 Overview of Re7 Capital
03:33 Building a cycle agnostic business
What is Re7’s edge?
07:59 Current state of the market, and what makes web3 interesting
11:44 What is intrinsic value in crypto?
15:21 Valuing a multidimensional asset like ETH
20:12 The significance of monetary premium for an asset like ETH
24:03 Betting on ETHs growth rather than moneyness
Investment approach to DeFi applications
30:33 KPIs for identifying potential success in early stage projects
33:19 The power of granular transaction-level data
34:26 Achieving similar upside to traditional VC in a de-risked fashion
37:30 The pros and cons of liquid venture
39:30 Case example from Re7s portfolio: Gelato
43:28 The Re7 Risk Index
What trends and market sectors currently stand out in crypto?
51:12 The biggest challenges and opportunities for Re7 today

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