MultiversX – Mass adoption, security, sharding, EGLD, xDay, and more | Fundamentals ep.73

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In this episode we’re joined by Benjamin Mincu, the Founder and CEO of MultiversX – a Layer 1 blockchain, designed from scratch to bring a 1000-fold cumulative improvement in throughput and execution speed. To achieve this, MultiversX introduces two key innovations: a novel adaptive state sharding mechanism, and a secure proof of stake algorithm, enabling linear scalability with a fast, efficient, and secure consensus mechanism.

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We discuss how MultiversX works, and what sets it apart from other blockchains on the market. We speak about the innovations behind achieving high transaction throughput, ensuring safety via an onchain 2FA mechanism, the effects of having tokens embedded into the protocol, and how the xPortal wallet and super app fit into the grande vision for MultiversX.

We then break down MultiversX’s current app, developer, and user landscapes - and speak about the upcoming xDay conference and hackathon, and how they aim to bridge the gap between builders and decision makers.

Read more about the xDay conference and hackathon here:

Finally, we speak about MultiversX’s economic model, the EGLD token, what the best metrics are to track the adoption of a blockchain network, and what economic sustainability means.

Tune in for a great discussion about MultiversX, and tackling the problems that are critical for mass adoption.

00:00 Introduction
MultiversX's core value proposition
The main optimizations that MultiversX has focused on
06:55 Implementing state, network, and transaction sharding all at once
10:24 What will blockchain do for the internet?
14:44 Onchain two-factor authentication (2FA)
The challenges with implementing 2FA in crypto
21:12 xPortal – The portal to everything finance
28:02 The benefits of having tokens embedded into the protocol
29:45 The core contributors behind the development of MultiversX
31:57 Current app and developer landscape
36:10 Current userbase
39:47 The xDay conference and xDay hackathon
44:48 The renaissance of European ambition
MultiversX's economic model
50:45 Economic sustainability
52:21 Best metrics to measure and value a blockchain
54:41 Current challenges related to growth
58:29 What's next for MultiversX?



MultiversX on X (Twitter):

Beniamin on X (Twitter):

This episode is sponsored by MultiversX.

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