MarketVector™ – Digital asset indexing & the Fundamental Index Suite | Fundamentals ep.83

Oskari Tempakka

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In this episode of the Fundamentals podcast, we’re joined by Martin Leinweber, Digital Asset Strategist at MarketVector, for an insightful discussion on digital asset indexing.

MarketVector and Token Terminal have been working together to provide institutions, advisors, and investors with access to investable products that track the breadth of data available in web3 and on blockchains.

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Earlier this month, we announced the launch of the MarketVector Token Terminal Fundamental Index Suite, a novel approach to creating multi-token baskets. In this episode, we dive into all of the details around the index suite. Explore the indexes in more detail below:

Martin breaks down the process of developing index products, what the current state of the market is, and where the need for more multi-token baskets stems from.

We speak about the selection and weighting approach for the Fundamentals index suite, covering their structure, composition, backtesting results, the initial market response, and more. Martin also walks us through the impact of real-time onchain on indexing, and sheds some light on the regional differences in the perception of crypto today.

Tune in for an insightful discussion about the fundamentals of digital asset indexing.

00:00 Introduction
Overview of MarketVector
MarketVector’s journey in the digital asset space
06:28 The process of developing an index product
10:35 MarketVector’s current strategy for digital asset indexing
The current customer base for digital asset indexes
15:06 Why a fundamentals-based index is important for the space
17:47 Overview of The MarketVector Token Terminal Index Suite
21:24 Weighting of the Fundamentals Indexes: fundamentals & market cap
25:21 Key learnings from backtests
27:59 Customizing the indexes with Token Terminal’s onchain data
The markets response to the Fundamental index suite
31:47 Regional differences in the perception of crypto
The range of opportunities real-time onchain data offers for indexing
38:35 MarketVectors expectations for the Fundamentals Index Suite
The challenges that come with real-time onchain data
Primer to Martin’s new book: “Mastering Crypto Assets”
46:49 Where do we see the digital asset market heading in the next decade


Martin on X: / mleinweber2

MarkertVector on X: / marketvector

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