Manta Network – Modular innovation, Celestia DA, ZK apps, New Paradigm, and more | Fundamentals ep.84

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On this episode of the Fundamentals podcast, we’re joined by Kenny Li, the Co-Founder of Manta Network: the modular ecosystem for ZK applications.

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Manta offers two networks, Manta Pacific, the first EVM-equivalent ZK-application platform that is scalable and secure through Celestia DA and Polygon zkEVM - and Manta Atlantic which is a ZK L1 chain on Polkadot.

In this session, we focus on Manta Pacific and dive into its modular design. Kenny walks us through their use of the OP stack, Celestia, and Polygon’s zkEVM. We speak about the rationale behind this modular design and envision Manta’s role in a crypto-native future. We speak about the recently launched yield-bearing L2, New Paradigm, and learn what yield-bearing L2s are all about. We also touch on the role of the MANTA token within the ecosystem, and discuss Manta’s latest funding round.

Tune in as we dive deep into the world of modular blockchains.

00:00 Introduction
Overview of Manta Network
02:23 Core problems Manta Pacific aims to solve
05:03 Overview of Manta Pacific’s modular tech stack
Benefits of using Celestia for modular DA
Addressing ZK applications’ specific needs
Examples of ZK use cases that benefit end users
17:46 Modular vs. monolithic debate: why is modularity better?
New Paradigm: a yield-bearing L2
27:54 “It’s time to ditch other L2s”
29:38 Crypto as the enabler of a borderless global economy
Manta Pacific’s economic model
Value accrual
The role of the MANTA token
40:00 Reflection on Manta’s recent funding round
44:29 The team behind Manta Network
45:29 The metrics and KPIs Manta uses to measure success
47:10 Current challenges
Performance review of Manta Pacific’s first three months on mainnet
52:09 Looking forward: upcoming features and milestones

Manta Network:

New Paradigm:

Kenny on X: / superanonymousk

Manta on X: / mantanetwork

Manta Pacific on Token Terminal

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