Fantom – value proposition, new tech stack (Sonic), economics, overcoming challenges & more | ep.77

Oskari Tempakka

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In this episode of the Fundamentals podcast, Michael Kong, CEO/CIO of the Fantom Foundation, discusses the unique value proposition of Fantom within the blockchain landscape, its core technology, and approach to achieving scalability.

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We explore the structure of the blockchain market sector, how Michael sees it developing, and where Fantom fits into this vision in the long run. We delve into the architectural development of Fantom, walk through Fantom's economic model and learn how it drives network sustainability.

Lastly, we speak about current business development focus areas, and challenges to tackle. Michael highlights Fantom’s new technology, Sonic, and describes its potential impact for unlocking growth.

Tune in for a great discussion about the Fundamentals of Fantom.

Fantom’s core value proposition
03:54 Why L1 and L2 blockchains are the same thing
06:45 What sets Fantom apart from other blockchains tackling similar problems?
What dApps are best suited to be built on Fantom?
13:01 Vision for Fantom’s future within the blockchain market sector
The importance of EVM compatibility
20:54 Core contributors to the development of the Fantom blockchain
Fantom’s economic model
28:08 Ensuring economic sustainability
32:08 The venture case for Fantom
Best metrics/KPIs to measure and value the performance of a blockchain
38:09 Monetary premium: is it relevant in the context of Fantom?
40:55 Challenges and bottlenecks in Fantom’s growth
44:12 Most exciting developments within the Fantom ecosystem


Fantom on X (Twitter): / fantomfdn

Michael on X (Twitter): / michaelfkong

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