Angle's stEUR: Earn the Euro risk-free rate onchain

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This article provides an introduction to Angle's stEUR, as presented by Co-Founder & Core Contributor Pablo Veyrat.

Angle Savings Solution (stEUR): Earn the Euro risk-free rate onchain

The below transcript has been edited for clarity.

Angle, the decentralized stablecoin protocol known for agEUR, recently introduced a new feature: the Angle Savings Solution, also referred to as stEUR.

Angle has been generating yield on its reserves since its inception, derived from borrowers of the stablecoin and yield-bearing collateral assets. The Angle Savings Solution, stEUR, represents an innovative approach to savings, where a portion of this yield is automatically allocated to stablecoin holders.

Currently, stEUR offers a 3.8% yield. Since its launch in November, the value of stEUR has consistently appreciated. This transparent saving solution ensures that all generated yield is visible and accountable to the public. For detailed analytics on Angle's revenue generation, users can visit, where the protocol's approximate annual earnings of 480k and the sources of this yield are broken down for full transparency.

The protocol's earnings stem from yield-bearing collateral assets, including tokenized Euro securities and European government debts, as well as stablecoin borrowing fees. This foundation creates the robust basis for the Angle Savings Solution, offering users complete transparency and security regarding their earnings.

We place high importance on the resilience of this solution and frequently communicate about the protocol's balance sheet. The risk associated with participating in the Angle Savings Solution is akin to owning agEUR. Thanks to our accumulated revenue, agEUR has established itself as a safe asset with a substantial equity buffer, as evidenced on the balance sheet.

The Angle Saving Solution is designed to be user-friendly, providing an easy-to-use, transparent, and resilient earning solution. It's as simple as depositing agEUR, which is then converted to stEUR, allowing users to start earning yield immediately. With no fees or lockup periods, users can withdraw their funds at any time, earning yield proportionate to the duration of their deposit.

For those without agEUR, we've integrated a one-click swapping feature. Users can swap any token for agEUR, which is then automatically staked. This feature is available on Ethereum, Arbitrum, and Gnosis Chain, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience with minimal gas fees.

The Angle Savings Solution offers a compelling alternative to traditional financial products and USD yield solutions, offering a higher yield than the current risk-free rate in the Eurozone. It's not just for DeFi enthusiasts but also for the broader European community, providing access to transparent and resilient financial products typically reserved for a professional elite, but in a permissionless manner.

In summary, stEUR is about empowering people to earn more from their assets and democratizing access to sophisticated financial tools.

Explore Angle's dashboard on Token Terminal:

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