Changelog #004

Joel Smith

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Immutable zkEVM now fully integrated to our Data Pipeline

We have completed our integration of Immutable zkEVM into our data pipeline and warehouse to enable institutional-grade onchain analytics for the chain built for web3 games. This integration improves the accessibility of Immutable zkEVM’s onchain data to enable more informed decision-making for all stakeholders in the ecosystem.

Data Infrastructure Enhancements

  • Redundant Archive Nodes: To ensure maximum data granularity, accuracy, and auditability, we have set up redundant archive nodes for the Immutable zkEVM blockchain.
  • Historical Data Ingestion: The complete historical raw blockchain data from these nodes has been indexed into the Token Terminal data warehouse.
  • Data Standardization and Maintenance: We have standardized this vast amount of data into blocks, transactions, traces, and logs tables. Automated upkeep tooling has also been developed to maintain the ongoing accuracy of this dataset.

Data Abstraction and Analysis Tools:

  • Optimized Abstraction Tables: New tables have been created to optimize the tracking of IMX token transfers and flows.
  • Comprehensive Token Price Feeds: We've established robust token price feeds for IMX, based on liquidity pool prices from leading decentralized exchanges.

Dashboard and Metrics Enhancements:

  • New Centralized Immutable zkEVM Dashboard: A new dashboard for Immutable now shows metrics across all business lines (including their NFT marketplace).
  • Updated Trending Contracts Dataset: This dataset now features new data points for Immutable
  • Enhanced Trending Wallets Dataset: Updates include metrics like transfers from, most transfers from, transfers to, most transfers to, inflows, outflows, and net flows.

Token Terminal Data Room customers now have access to comprehensive Immutable data including blocks, transactions, traces, logs, and decoded smart contract data, along with optimized abstraction tables and token prices. Additionally, Token Terminal API and Pro customers can now utilize the expanded Immutable data in their analyses, facilitating more informed and effective decision-making.

Data Updates

  • Three new Aptos projects are now tracked on Token Terminal - We have now created initial listings for Cellana Finance, Econia and Panora, three top DeFi projects on Aptos. We will continue listing more Aptos projects and increasing the metric coverage for them.
  • Aave Incentive Tokens - We added tracking for Aave’s Merit program in order to calculate more precisely the token incentives for the project. The program was created to counteract the impact of Morpho optimizer on Aave revenue and to support the GHO stablecoin peg.
  • Jito Updated Metrics - Jito, a non-custodial liquid staking protocol built on Solana. We now added even more metrics for the Jito project including fees, supply side fees, and revenue. These metrics are from Jito's MEV infrastructure product line. Currently, Jito is the primary source of Solana MEV.
  • Arbitrum Top Tokenholders - The Top Tokenholders dataset now includes tokens on the Arbitrum chain, allowing users to compare data across multiple ecosystems. The dataset has been expanded to include top Arbitrum tokens such as $ARB, $RDNT, and $GMX, and will be expanded to include more chains in the near future.
  • Uniswap Labs fees and trading volumes updated - Uniswap Labs had recently updated their fee collector addresses on multiple chains. The Uniswap Labs dashboard now tracks all of the latest fee collector addresses, resulting in up to date data for Uniswap Labs.

Enhancements & Bug Fixes

  • 💅Updated the styling of our search bar to match modern ⌘+K interfaces.
  • 👟 Improved the performance of data queries on native token holders across Ethereum, Tron, BNB, and Polygon data sets.
  • 👟 Improved the performance of data queries for token supply of Tether.
  • 🐛 Improved the accuracy of Operating expense descriptions and updated the logic for how Thena’s Operating expenses are calculated.

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