MarketVector Indexes™ and Token Terminal to Provide Exclusive Web3 Data, Product Offerings

Oskari Tempakka

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The digital asset indexing pioneer and financial data platform are partnering to create the next generation of digital asset indexes

As the financial services industry grapples with the evolution of decentralized finance, including web3, MarketVector IndexesTM (“MarketVector”) and Token Terminal announce a partnership to provide institutions, advisors, and investors with access to investable products that track the breadth of data available in web3 and on blockchains.

Through this partnership, MarketVector, the pioneer provider in digital assets indexing, will co-create indexes with Token Terminal, a platform and data provider that aggregates financial and alternative data on blockchains and the decentralized applications that run on blockchains.

For institutions, advisors, or investors interested in digital asset exposure, MarketVector and Token Terminal are able to create bespoke indexes using any data components extracted from open blockchains.

“The cryptocurrency space is evolving rapidly, and a growing number of projects are demonstrating clear, quantifiable value,” said Martin Leinweber, Digital Asset Product Strategist at MarketVector. “Our institutional clients have expressed an interest in an index product that is easily understandable for investors from traditional finance. By integrating fundamental data into our index methodology, we can better reflect blockchain protocols' true economics and user traction. We believe that the next cycle of crypto adoption will be driven more by fundamentals than the previous cycles. ”

Token Terminal's model for analyzing blockchains and decentralized applications has been instrumental in shifting the perception of cryptocurrency away from being solely about speculation and towards being about fundamental value. MarketVector's new approach, leveraging Token Terminal's data and analytics, aims to incorporate this perspective into its Digital Asset index family, providing a more comprehensive view of the crypto marketplace to its clients.

“Our focus at Token Terminal has always been to provide the necessary data for investors to value crypto assets as productive assets, based on fundamental data. We are thrilled to partner with MarketVector, a pioneer in digital asset indexing, and excited about the opportunity to bring a new generation of fundamental-based digital asset indices to the market,” said Rasmus Savander, Commercial Lead at Token Terminal.

For more information on Token Terminal and MarketVector’s joint capabilities, please visit

Eunjeong Kang, MarketVector
+49 (0) 69 4056 695 38

Sam Marinelli, Gregory FCA on behalf of MarketVector

About MarketVector Indexes -

MarketVector IndexesTM (“MarketVector”) is a regulated Benchmark Administrator in Europe, incorporated in Germany and registered with the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). MarketVector maintains indexes under the MarketVectorTM, MVIS®, and BlueStar® names. With a mission to accelerate index innovation globally, MarketVector is best known for its broad suite of Thematic indexes, long-running expertise in Hard Asset-linked Equity indexes, and its pioneering Digital Asset index family. MarketVector is proud to partner with more than 25 Exchange-Traded Product (ETP) issuers and index fund managers in markets worldwide, with approximately USD 30 billion in assets under management. MarketVector Indexes is a VanEck® company.

About Token Terminal –

Token Terminal is a data analytics provider that aggregates financial data on the leading blockchains and decentralized applications. Token Terminal manages a best-in-class, multi-chain crypto data warehouse and is best known for providing users with tools to discover and evaluate the performance of blockchains and decentralized applications using traditional financial key performance indicators. Token Terminal ingests over 100k transactions per day from more than 10 blockchains, manages over 50TB of raw blockchain data, and is used by hundreds of institutional investors and research organizations globally.

The authors of this content, or members, affiliates, or stakeholders of Token Terminal may be participating or are invested in protocols or tokens mentioned herein. The foregoing statement acts as a disclosure of potential conflicts of interest and is not a recommendation to purchase or invest in any token or participate in any protocol. Token Terminal does not recommend any particular course of action in relation to any token or protocol. The content herein is meant purely for educational and informational purposes only, and should not be relied upon as financial, investment, legal, tax or any other professional or other advice. None of the content and information herein is presented to induce or to attempt to induce any reader or other person to buy, sell or hold any token or participate in any protocol or enter into, or offer to enter into, any agreement for or with a view to buying or selling any token or participating in any protocol. Statements made herein (including statements of opinion, if any) are wholly generic and not tailored to take into account the personal needs and unique circumstances of any reader or any other person. Readers are strongly urged to exercise caution and have regard to their own personal needs and circumstances before making any decision to buy or sell any token or participate in any protocol. Observations and views expressed herein may be changed by Token Terminal at any time without notice. Token Terminal accepts no liability whatsoever for any losses or liabilities arising from the use of or reliance on any of this content.

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