15-minute fundamentals with Trader Joe

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Murloc, Co-Founder of Trader Joe, joined us for an episode of 15-minute fundamentals to discuss the basics of Trader Joe, its mission, how it works, current growth drivers, expanding to new chains, the protocol’s economic model, and more.

Trader Joe is a non-custodial exchange protocol built on Avalanche, Arbitrum, and the BNB Chain.

Trader Joe’s dashboard:

00:00 Introduction
02:50 Trader Joe’s mission
05:13 Overview of Trader Joe’s core products
07:37 Process for choosing the ecosystems to build in
The market and Trader Joe’s position within it
11:43 Analyzing market potential
13:00 Current growth drivers
18:55 Technical overview of Liquidity Book
22:20 Economic and business models
24:39 The JOE token
26:41 The team building Trader Joe
27:24 What’s next for Trader Joe?

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