MakerDAO's Endgame with Rune Christensen | Fundamentals ep.57

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In this episode of the Fundamentals podcast, we’re joined by Rune Christensen, Co-Founder of MakerDAO – a decentralized stablecoin protocol built on Ethereum – and the first-ever DAO.

Maker recently published their Endgame plan, which is a roadmap for a significant overhaul and improvement to the governance and tokenomics of the Maker Ecosystem. Its primary aim is for the ecosystem to reach a self-sustainable equilibrium called the Endgame State.

In this episode with Rune, the mastermind behind the Endgame plan, we discuss why this overhaul is needed and how it will affect the Maker Ecosystem. We go through the details of the plan's 5 different phases: Unified branding, subDAOs, leveling the playing field for governance, incentivizing participation, and launching a new blockchain.

Tune in to this insightful discussion to learn about how these changes are expected to position Maker for mass adoption and take the innovative concepts crypto has introduced over the years mainstream.

Listen to the episode:

00:00 Introduction
The goals and vision behind the Endgame update
Unifying branding & how it contributes to the growth and resilience of Maker?
SubDAOs: How will parallelized growth and specialization benefit the ecosystem?
How will SubDAOs fund operations?
AI tools to enhance governance processes & level the playing field
Governance participation rewards
The rationale for deploying a new blockchain
How will the Endgame roadmap position Maker in the market?

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