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In this episode Jacob Blish, Head of Business Development at Lido, joined us to discuss the current state of Lido's business, growth drivers, bottlenecks, future roadmap, and the complex topic of whether certain liquid staking protocols are becoming centralizing forces.

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00:00 What is Lido?
01:15 Lido's business model
03:03 Which networks does Lido support?
03:22 Lido's growth drivers
04:29 Challenges related to growth
05:38 Is Lido becoming a centralizing force?
11:22 Vitalik Buterin's take on staking protocols
12:22 Thoughts on the negative correlation between revenue and market cap
14:41 The price difference between stETH and ETH
16:04 What is the LDO token's purpose?
18:00 Token incentives on Lido
19:55 How is Lido managing risks?
21:34 Lido's user composition
23:50 Lido's core value proposition
24:39 What's next for Lido?

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