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What is Tokemak?

Tokemak is a decentralized market making platform and a liquidity router that disaggregates traditional liquidity provision and market making for DeFi. It was founded by Carson Cook and launched in 2021.

How does Tokemak work?

Tokemak enables users to both provide liquidity and control where that liquidity goes. Liquidity Providers deposit single-sided assets into individual Token Reactors and/or Genesis Pools (ETH, USDC), and earn yield in the form of TOKE.

Who governs Tokemak?

TOKE token holders own and govern the protocol. They currently take all the 3rd party LP fees paid (revenue).
RevenueShare of yield that goes to protocol$10Connects Liquidity providers and DeFi protocolsSupply-side feesShare of yield that goes to liquidity providers$0Liquidity providersFeesTotal yield generated$10DeFi protocols
The values in this graphic are examples and do not reflect actual values. Treat them as approximations.