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What is Stride?

Stride is a blockchain ("zone") in the Cosmos ecosystem that provides liquidity for staked tokens. Stride was founded by Aidan Salzmann, Vishal Talasani, and Riley Edmunds and launched in 2022.

How does Stride work?

Stakers deposit funds into Stride from any Cosmos chain and receive a return on investment in the form of staking rewards (supply-side revenue).

Who governs Stride?

STRD holders own and govern the Stride Blockchain. They currently take a cut of the total staking rewards earned by the protocol (revenue). The Stride blockchain is economically secured by staked ATOM via interchain security with the Cosmos Hub. Stride's investors include Pantera Capital, North Island Ventures, Distributed Global, Everstake, etc.
ExpenseNode operators' share of revenue$1.5Node operators RevenueStride's share of fees $10Connects stakers and PoS blockchainsSupply-side feesStakers' share of fees $90StakersFeesStaking rewards $100PoS blockchains
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