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What is Polynomial Protocol?

Polynomial Protocol is a non-custodial exchange for perpetual contracts built on Optimism. Polynomial Protocol was founded by Gautham Santhosh, Salman Naseer Ahmed, & Mubaris NK, and their flagship product Polynomial Trade was launched in 2023.

How does Polynomial Protocol work?

Polynomial Protocol builds on top of Synthetix to create a synthetic perpetuals trading platform. Traders on Polynomial trade futures against the liquidity provided by liquidity providers on Synthetix, with liquidity providers receiving trading fees (supply-side fees).

Who governs Polynomial Protocol?

The Polynomial team own and govern the protocol. Polynomial’s investors include Archetype, Genblock Capital, Caballeros Capital, etc.
RevenuePolynomial Protocol's share of trading fees$10Connects Liquidity Providers & TradersSupply-side feesLiquidity Providers' share of trading fees$90Liquidity ProvidersFeesTrading fees$100Traders
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