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Polynomial ProtocolDerivatives







  1. Market cap (circulating)

  2. Revenue (30d)



  3. Market cap (fully diluted)

  4. Revenue (annualized)



  5. Total value locked

  6. P/F ratio (circulating)

  7. Trading volume (annualized)



  8. P/S ratio (circulating)

  9. Fees (30d)



  10. Treasury

  11. Fees (annualized)



  12. Active users (daily) (30d average)



  13. Core developers (30d average)

  14. Code commits (30d sum)

Last column in the tables shows 30d change


What is Polynomial Protocol

Polynomial Protocol is a non-custodial exchange for perpetual contracts built on Optimism. Polynomial Protocol was founded by Gautham Santhosh, Salman Naseer Ahmed, & Mubaris NK, and their flagship product Polynomial Trade was launched in 2023.

How does Polynomial Protocol work

Polynomial Protocol builds on top of Synthetix to create a synthetic perpetuals trading platform. Traders on Polynomial trade futures against the liquidity provided by liquidity providers on Synthetix, with liquidity providers receiving trading fees (supply-side fees).

Who governs Polynomial Protocol

The Polynomial team own and govern the protocol. Polynomial’s investors include Archetype, Genblock Capital, Caballeros Capital, etc.

Polynomial Protocol community channels

Key metrics

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