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  1. Market cap (circulating)

  2. Revenue (30d)



  3. Market cap (fully diluted)

  4. Revenue (annualized)



  5. Total value locked



  6. P/F ratio (circulating)

  7. Outstanding supply (annualized)



  8. P/S ratio (circulating)

  9. Fees (30d)



  10. Treasury

  11. Fees (annualized)



  12. Active users (daily) (30d average)

  13. Core developers (30d average)



  14. Code commits (30d sum)



Last column in the tables shows 30d change


What is Overnight

Overnight finance offers yield bearing stablecoin products on several EVM blockchains. Overnight was founded by Maxim Ermilov and launched in 2021.

How does Overnight work

Users mint USD+, USDT+ & DAI+ by depositing USDC, USDT or DAI. Deposited stablecoins get deployed into different yield money market strategies generating yield (supply-side fees). Overnight also offers more actively managed ETS’s that deploy funds into different delta neutral yield farming strategies.

Who governs Overnight

Overnight Governance owns and governs the protocol. They currently take a 20% performance fee from profits generated by ETS’s (revenue). Overnight Governance also has a right to collect token rebases for USD+, USDT+ & DAI+ that are held in liquidity pools.

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Key metrics

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