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What is Manta Pacific?

Manta Pacific is an L2 smart contract platform for decentralized applications on Ethereum. Manta Pacific was founded by Manta Network and launched in 2023.

How does Manta Pacific work?

Manta Pacific batches users' transactions and submits them to Ethereum, paying a share of the transaction fees to Ethereum validators (expense). Manta Pacific stores call data on Celestia’s modular data availability network.

Who governs Manta Pacific?

Manta Network team owns and governs the protocol. Manta Network's investors include Polychain Capital, Qiming Venture Partners, Binance Labs, etc.

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ExpenseL1 validators' share of fees$80L1 validatorsRevenueManta's share of fees$100Connects L1 validators and usersFeesTransaction fees$100Users
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