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What is Instadapp?

Instadapp is a non-custodial DeFi aggregator protocol built on Ethereum and other adjacent blockchains. Instadapp was founded by Samyak Jain & Sowmay Jain and launched in 2018.

How does Instadapp work?

Instadapp provides a variety of services. They aggregate multiple non-custodial flash loan providers, which users can perform flash loans through using Instadapp Pro, provide an asset management product called Instadapp Lite to which liquidity providers can deposit funds and receive a return on investment (supply-side fees) and provide an account abstraction wallet product called Avocado.

Who governs Instadapp?

INST tokenholders own and govern the protocol. They currently take all of the flash loan aggregator fees paid by users (revenue), a cut of the yield earned through their asset management product (revenue) and a fee on transactions performed using their wallet (revenue). Instadapp's investors include Coinbase Ventures, Pantera Capital, Robot Ventures, etc.
RevenueInstadapp’s share of service fees$5Provides seamless DeFi wallet managementFeesService fees$5DeFi users
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