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What is Idle Finance?

Idle Finance is an asset management protocol built on Ethereum. Idle Finance was founded by Matteo Pandolfi, William Bergamo & Samuele Cester and launched in 2019.

How does Idle Finance work?

Liquidity providers deposit funds into Idle Finance and receive a return on investment (supply-side fees).

Who governs Idle Finance?

IDLE tokenholders own and govern the protocol. They currently take a cut of the total return on investment paid by liquidity providers (revenue). Idle Finance’s investors include BR Capita, Greenfield One, Gumi Cryptos, etc.
RevenueShare of yield that goes to the protocol$10Connects Liquidity providers and DeFi protocolsSupply-side feesShare of yield that goes to the liquidity providers$90Liquidity providersFeesTotal yield generated$100DeFi protocols
The values in this graphic are examples and do not reflect actual values. Treat them as approximations.