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Ellipsis Finance(EPS)Exchanges (DEX)














  1. Market cap (circulating)



  2. Revenue (30d)

  3. Market cap (fully diluted)



  4. Revenue (annualized)

  5. Total value locked



  6. P/F ratio (fully diluted)

  7. Trading volume (annualized)

  8. P/S ratio (fully diluted)

  9. Fees (30d)

  10. Treasury

  11. Fees (annualized)

  12. Active users (daily) (30d average)

  13. Core developers (30d average)

  14. Code commits (30d sum)

Last column in the tables shows 30d change


What is Ellipsis Finance

Ellipsis is a non-custodial exchange protocol built on Binance Smart Chain (originally a fork of Curve). Ellipsis was founded by an anonymous team and launched in 2020.

How does Ellipsis Finance work

Liquidity providers deposit funds into Ellipsis and receive trading fees from traders (supply-side fees).

Who governs Ellipsis Finance

EPS tokenholders own and govern the protocol. They currently take a cut of the total trading fees paid by traders (revenue).

Key metrics

Daily market cap (fully diluted) vs. daily total value locked in the past 180 days.


Growth rate24h7d30d90d180d365d
Market cap (fully diluted)







Total value locked