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What is deBridge DLN?

deBridge DLN is a cross-chain token bridge and trading infrastructure that enables the transfer of assets across blockchains. DLN was founded by the deBridge team and was launched in 2023.

How does deBridge DLN work?

deBridge DLN is an order book of cross-chain intents where participants have two types of roles: Makers and Takers. Makers create cross-chain intents in the source chain, while Takers compete in terms of speed to provide liquidity and fulfill profitable intents on the destination chain.

Who governs deBridge DLN?

The deBridge team currently own and govern the protocol, but will be transitioned to being governed by the deBridge DAO in the future. All fees paid by traders are now accumulated on DLN smart contracts operated by the deBridge team (revenue), which will be governed by all deBridge token holders.
RevenueDLN's share of transfer fees$100Enables asset transfers Supply-side feesdeBridge Validators' share of transfer fees$0deBridge ValidatorsFeesTotal transfer fees paid by users$100Bridge user
The values in this graphic are examples and do not reflect actual values. Treat them as approximations.