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  1. Circulating market cap



  2. Revenue (30d)

  3. Fully diluted market cap



  4. Revenue (annualized)

  5. Total value locked



  6. P/F ratio (fully diluted)

  7. Annualized capital deployed



  8. P/S ratio (fully diluted)

  9. Fees (30d)

  10. Treasury

  11. Fees (annualized)

  12. Daily active users (30d average)



Last column in the tables shows 30d change


What is Ankr

Ankr is a web3 infrastructure provider of blockchain API/RPC connections, developer tools, and liquid staking products. Ankr was founded and launched in 2017 by Chandler Song, Ryan Fang, and Stanley Wu.

How does Ankr work

Ankr operates a global network of both full and validator nodes on an array of blockchains. These nodes provide the basis for services like Ankr Staking which delegates users’ tokens to blockchain validators and delivers liquid staking rewards (supply-side fees) to users for their contributions to validation efforts.

Who governs Ankr

ANKR tokenholders own and govern the protocol. They currently take a cut of the total staking rewards earned by the protocol (revenue). Ankr’s investors include Binance Labs, Block VC, MapleBlock Capital, Bixin Ventures etc.

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Key metrics

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