November 17, 2023

Customer profile

MarketVector IndexesTM (“MarketVector”) is a regulated benchmark administrator founded in 2011, with ~$29B in AUM tracking MarketVector indexes. (


MarketVector saw clear customer demand for a fundamentals-based digital asset index and saw an opportunity to partner with Token Terminal for the provision of onchain fundamental data.  


Terminal API and Data Room.


The digital asset indexing pioneer, MarketVector, partnered with Token Terminal to create the next generation of crypto asset indexes.

The first fundamentals-based index is meant to provide institutional investors such as product issuers or exchanges access to a product that tracks the onchain financial performance (fees) and usage (active addresses) of leading blockchains and decentralized applications.

"Token Terminal has been instrumental in revolutionizing the way we approach onchain data for our index business. Their commitment to delivering high-quality, actionable insights has made a significant impact on our joint project to create the first fundamental indexes for crypto. What stands out most is their ability to distill complex data into comprehensible formats, enabling portfolio managers to make informed decisions with ease. The clarity and precision that Token Terminal brings to the table are unparalleled, making them an invaluable partner in navigating the ever-evolving blockchain landscape."

The cryptocurrency space continues to evolve rapidly, and a growing number of projects are demonstrating clear, quantifiable value. A product that reflects this reality is likely to attract interest from institutional clients that approach the market using well-established frameworks from traditional finance.

From the very start, our focus at Token Terminal has been to provide investors with data that highlights the productive nature of crypto assets. We are thrilled to partner with MarketVector, a pioneer in digital asset indexing, and excited about the opportunity to bring a new generation of fundamental-based digital asset indices to the market. We believe that the next cycle of crypto adoption will be driven more by fundamentals than the previous cycles.

Martin Leinweber, Digital Asset Product Strategist at MarketVector